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96Mega888 Privacy and Policy

96Mega888 is one of the leading online casinos offering services in a wide range to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Korean residents. We house an excellent collection of slot games, table games, live casino games, and other conventional games. Players get every gambling satisfaction here with exclusive bonuses and promotions. 96Mega888 is well known for its mobile services as we allow freedom to operate the games on portable devices. We incorporate excellent and well-maintained payment options where the users feel relaxed in making the payments within seconds. 96Mega888 also provide fair and responsible gambling to ensure gamblers that their money is secured and in the right hands.

The Purpose of Designing Privacy Policy By 96Mega888

The intention of designing a robust privacy policy by 96Mega888 is to educate players about how your personal information and other essential data are handled on the internet. Every online casino compiles a privacy policy to acknowledge their customers about how they collect, use, and protect users’ personal confidential information. Such privacy policies design a framework for compliance by respecting the requirements of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

As you step into our website of, 96Mega888, you need to provide general information about yourself. The information may include your name, email address, phone number, and other contact details. 96Mega888 collects relevant information. Before you take a step forward to purchase or use the products and services of 96Mega888, you have to provide this information. For a more detailed outlook on our privacy policies, visit their site and how it has been designed for better security of customers.

Means of Personal Information Collected and Processed by 96Mega888

The privacy policy of our casino will briefly describe and state the information we collected. This means of personal information differ from each other in aspects of unidentifiable and identifiable information and is further categorized in sections like-

  • Non-personally Identifiable Information: When you visit the 96Mega888 Casino website, we try to monitor and collect non-personally identifiable information. This information includes your operating system, your IP address, the pages viewed, how long you visited our site, and the dates and times our site is accessed. All this information does not identify a person directly but is highly commendable for marketing purposes and improves user experience at the 96Mega888 website. To make the interaction more solid, our site reverts to the person by asking to provide personal details on the official website. 
  • Identifiable Personal Data: Now, 96Mega888 will try to identify a person visiting our site regularly by asking for their name, email address, phone number, and other relevant details. Thus, our site will go to the next personal information step after providing all the information.
  • Sensitive Data: This data includes other parts of the personal data information like race, creed, religion, political opinion, religious or philosophical beliefs, physical or mental health conditions, sexual life, and other criminal records.

Other non-conventional information collected by 96Mega888 are:

  • Analytics of Data and the Usage of Site: We, at 96Mega888, let our users know how we track and analyze the usage data to assess how our viewers use and access the site. Collecting this data has some intentions 96Mega888 monitors data usage for various internal purposes like troubleshooting and improving the site’s functionality.
  • Use of Cookies: To measure engagement and enrich the site’s functionalities, 96Mega888 uses cookies. We record your preferences and how many times you clicked on our site. The information collected by this technology helps to improve the overall service of 96Mega888 by making things easier for the user to navigate our site. However, 96Mega888 requests its customers not to decline cookies because it may not allow the user to experience the same features as 96Mega888.

How Does Mega888 Use Your Information?

The information provided by you at the site of 96Mega888 is mainly used to process and maintain your transactions safely with tight-end security. Also, our casino site never fails to provide customer support needed by the customers during the transactions and to keep the data secured. On the other side, 96Mega888 uses this information for business purposes like promoting gambling services, the latest games in the market, and operating our site.

With high demand, sharing a few 96Mega888 users’ information with affiliates and subsidiaries is necessary for technical support and during financial transactions.

96Mega888 has other channels to leak your information by inviting you to participate in surveys or contests. This is a voluntary option; you may or may not choose this option of sharing your data. We also use our customers’ personal information on other products, services, and promotions. But, it is noteworthy that we do not share, leak, or disclose any of your personal information until it is mentioned in the terms and conditions of the privacy policy designed by our casino site.

Interference of the Third Party Vendors and Its Practices

Sometimes, you may find links to other sites on the same website of 96Mega888. This way, the additional third-party vendors access your details once you click on the site link. 96Mega888 includes these third-party vendors in the web pages to enhance usability, analytical data review, maintenance, or compilation. Furthermore, 96Mega888 keeps its privacy policy clear, saying that we share user data with third-party service providers to engage and assist in these efforts. In doing so, 96Mega888 upkeeps the security level by leveraging adequate security measures concerning user data.

Location of Information

Any user information collected on this website or via third-party vendors is processed in any country with which 96Mega888 is affiliated. Consenting to this service means you agree to the terms and conditions for any transfer of information outside the country. Likewise, our organization will allow operational services to process your information to the parties where it is based, ensuring the data can be stored on computers situated in your territory, state, or country, respecting the privacy laws similar to the policies of 96Mega888.

How does 96Mega888 Protect Your Privacy?

We at 96Mega888 assure our customers that we will not misuse your personal information. We follow every rule and regulation directed by the industry laws related to the privacy and policies of gambling sites. Your data is essential to 96Mega888 in a protected storage database. But forgetting, the ill effects of this process should always be remembered. There will always remain an element vulnerable that will try to outlaw the privacy policy terms and work against the company.

Protection of Minors

Our website does not allow anyone to access our products or enter our site under 18 in their own country of residence. Anyone who wants to access 96Mega888 has to give legal consent that they are over 18 and do not fall in the minority group. Allowing people under 18 to access gambling websites is prohibited and against the Laws of Privacy Regulation Act.

Information Security

96Mega888.com takes active precautions to secure and protect all your information. Every bit of data and information is stored in a password-protected database. The database is protected by a firewall that supports the SSL version of encryption methods. Every relevant information based on the security factor is disclosed on our site. You can see them separately by tracking our responsible gambling sections and privacy terms.

Disclaimer of Legal Responsibility

96Mega888 states with complete clarity that any customer cannot claim any illegal information, and we are not responsible for any matter outside their direct control. Also, 96Mega888 makes it clear that our site cannot operate without any error, which comes under the privacy and protection of your personal information. You can take any legal action on the unwanted malfunction during the gameplay. We are not responsible for any indirect, incidental, or punitive damages during the release of any new casino games at our site.

Consent To Privacy Statements

Using the games released by 96Mega888, you accept all the terms and conditions related to our privacy and policies. This sole privacy statement supersedes prior versions; thus, you can find terms and conditions on our official website. Furthermore, 96Mega888 has the power to update any privacy policy and terms and conditions at any time. Thus, it is a necessary action from the customer’s side to review every clause on the privacy page; your continuous clicking on the site constitutes your acceptance of the privacy terms of 96Mega888.

Contact Details

If you have difficulty understanding the privacy policies and terms to use, feel free to contact 96Mega888. We serve the best customer care department, providing solutions to every quest you undertake. Our contact details have been given here. So, please take a look and feel free to connect whenever you face any problem.

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