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Mega888 Terms And Conditions

Mega888 has a vast library of different types of casino games and other prolific features. Every casino has designed its available terms and conditions as these platforms have daily money interactions. Likewise, we at Mega888 have our own rules and policies regarding withdrawal and deposit, gameplay, and privacy. The terms of services section at the bottom of our Home page describes every nook and cranny of our terms and conditions.

You should be responsible for understanding and accepting the rules and regulations of Mega888. These rules include general Terms and Conditions of the game and each service. It signifies whether you are legally permitted or can participate or the challenges you have to face by breaking the laws and regulations of Mega888.

Registration of New Players

Players eager to start the play of luck with real money have to open an account first. Then after, you can choose your preferred currencies in which you will do the transactions. We have the right to provide different payment options, helping the gamblers get various deposit and withdrawals methods. On the other side, we, at Mega888, forfeit fake accounts, pending transactions, or other illegal activities during the gameplay. Users below 18 are refrained from opening any account here. Furthermore, only one account can be opened on our platform under one name and details. More than one person cannot use the same account, and if caught, there would be penalties.

Moreover, you must accept losing in gambling. We are not responsible for losing your deposit after gambling on our platform because it is a part of the play. You should not be involved in any fraudulent activities to defraud the frame of Mega888 and our members.

Besides, users cannot wager on multiplayer mode. If caught, their account privileges will be revoked, bonuses will be cut off, and they cannot access their account further.

Account Details

We have designed a designated password for reverie players for their security. No other player can enter the account of other members of Mega888. In such cases, the online casinos ask for detailed information during the signing-up process. When logging in to your Mega888 account, ensure that you input your user id and password correctly so that the changes may be made. Players from outside territories are not allowed to play here as Mega888 has strict regulations and has to follow such rules to maintain your security.

Account Suspension and Closure

If we find any problem, we have the right to close or ban any account without notifying the affected person. This includes the forfeiture of current winnings and a person’s account balances. The facts that prompt Mega888 to take this stern step are-

  • More than one person is using a single account.
  • Any player is suspected of cheating Mega888 accounts or other services.
  • Taking unauthorized advantages of our software or detriment of BK8Asia’s properties.
  • We can ban any incurred debts, losses, or expenses accountable to similar claims.


We own the intellectual right to secure our content related to games and other fundamentals. Mega888 has acquired a license and certification from the renowned gambling commission. Furthermore, to strengthen the security level, all the casino games of Mega888 are first checked and tested at iTech Labs and then bestowed to the gamblers. However, Mega888 relaxes those not a member of this site but can access some of their content to know about their services and the game Mega888 offers their customers. This has become possible because we, at Mega888, have acquired a license from the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial, which makes it easier for the gamblers to check out some serious feedback from the bettors about their experience. The only thing we cannot do is delete or edit any feedback from the gamblers by disturbing their privacy.


Before opening an account at Mega888, you must choose your preferred currency to make the transaction easy. As our services are spread over an enormous demographic area, often residents of Asia get an advantage of plating at Mega888 from different countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Korea, Canada, and many more. We accept all these above countries’ currencies for making the deposits. Therefore, all the players’ deposits apply to the use of our services and products. On the other hand, if our crime teams catch any gambler using illegal payment options for the transactions, the accounts will be banned immediately, and the person will be charged with using fraud payments.


A player is eligible to draw their winning through their legit account at our casino platform. If he has fulfilled the wagering criteria of our site, he can withdraw his winnings at any time in his account at first. Then he can transfer the money to his bank account after clearing every procedure. However, withdrawing any amount may incur charges by the preferable payment options. For instance, Neteller deducts 1% of your winning amount for doing the transaction. Similarly, each option has its own designed percentage to deduct.

Moreover, Mega888 holds the right to interrupt the charges taken by these payment options. We request them to cut the gambler’s minimum amount so they don’t find a massive loss during the transaction. Thus, we request our players to acknowledge the percentage deductions at the payment option and choose only those with a limited deduction value.

Casino Promotion

The gambler can only get promotional offers from Mega888 if it has a left IP address, legit Mega888 account, email address, telephone number, and many more. Or else, we have the right to ban the provision of these promotional offers if we find anything within your information details. Legitimate players who have made one deposit at least can take advantage of these bonuses during their gameplay. Players have the right to read and comprehend the terms and conditions for their promotional offer before wagering any real money on any game our site offers.

Privacy Policies

Mega88, as a result, notifies the players about the privacy policies designed for their betterment. Using many software and tools to prevent fraud, we keep personal information secure and confidential. All necessary information about the privacy policies is notified on our privacy page. If you encounter any problem or feel that your data is being measured by any other player or members of our site, you can directly contact our customer support and relay your concerns to them. They take immediate measures and actions on this note.

Players accept and acknowledge the terms and conditions of Mega888 in the private sector to give the right to us to share some information with the partners or third parties for game access, payments, and other operations.

Casino System and Technology

Mega888 holds the exclusive right on the brand logo, name, tagline, and casino system. Any player who wishes to use our software during gameplay or to access our other services has to go through the terms and conditions applied in this section. But, we do not allow the players to take advantage of all the software we offer. We provide only a few software gamblers use during payment transactions, gameplay, or other operations. Although Mega888 doesn’t promise that each software can meet their gamblers’ expectations, it can also betray them. You cannot claim us for any miss-occurrence of the system or technology, as we are not responsible for this subject matter. Also, our casino site is not responsible for any gameplay disturbances due to viruses or other functionality; the player had lost their money.


Mega888 is not responsible for any losses or expenses during the gameplay directly or indirectly at this platform. We also reveal that all information on our pages or domains or linked URLs is not entirely correct, or it is the gamblers’ responsibility to check every bit of information personally via different websites and through the Mega888 to get an idea of their clauses, terms, and conditions. The terms and conditions of this section state that the player would accept that they would not accuse Mega888 members, staff, or their customer servicers, for their losses and expenses. On your responsibility, you should take a step toward this gambling site and start your gambling fun right at the moment.

Reservation of Rights

Mega888 always encourages players to comply with any request from our site if you find any mismanagement in the information or link your account with another site without prior permission. This prompts any casino to stay on good terms with both the parties to terminate those accounts from their site without any dispute. Regarding this problem, you may also get in touch with our customer support team; they will undoubtedly provide answers. Mega888 would discern you with the rights of gamblers appropriately.


Potential players are advised to give the Mega888 website careful attention as it contains important legal information. Therefore, all representations or conditions are eliminated from the site to maintain its integrity, followed by official law and regulation standards.

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